Cougars & Milfs at Sandbar

Cougars or Milfs at definitely the dream of all younger males (just as it is the dream of all cougars and milfs!!). It's not only a win-win but a win-win-win. How so you ask? Well you win, she wins, and you get to win again!

How so again? Once you've reeled one of those fine, cultured and relentless ladies, you will be known amongst the pack/herd. Not only will you have scored, but when you have exhausted yourselves, she will be telling her friends. Who knows, you may even be able to get a couple ladies going.

Trust me when I say these ladies can fcuk.

The only problem is how to reel thrm in. SANDBAR my friends. You will want to leave your mind games at thr door. Bring a wingman or two and go in with some pride. These women aren't looking for the next sugar daddy so showing off isn't going to work. Relax and play it cool and when she starts eye fucking the shit out of you, make your way over to her. From here its all about being comfortable in your own skin. If she thinks you're fake or too childish, she'll let you know.

If you have balls of steel, buy her a drink and let her know that you are here to hang out, have a good time, and maybe get your midnight workout on!

Good Luck and Happy Fucking!